NATIONWIDE CNN, YouTube debate “GOATSE’D!!!”

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(NNC) - When CNN and YouTube decided to pair up and merge the mediums of television and internet, neither companies quite expected to get all the baggage that comes with user-submitted, online-oriented content. This time, that baggage came in the form of a hidden online secret image, lovingly labeled “GOATSE,” based on the original website “”

“GOATSE” refers to an image that began circulating the internet and infiltrating innocent users’ internet explorer windows as early as January 2000. But what makes this image so unique is its inherently offensive nature - portraying a man distending his anal lining with his two hands while providing a very clear image of his erect penis.

And despite an extensive screening and thorough analyzation of the videos submitted on behalf of YouTube and CNN alike, the image still made it under the radar and into tonight’s debate.

The incident in question came during a question about our nation’s healthcare system. The user who submitted the video was speaking innocuously into the camera when the image of “goatse” was flashed for the briefest moment in 1/24th of a second, ranging just above the framerate treshhold with which television broadcasts.

Goatse in top-right corner…

Though the image flashed only briefly, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were seen wincing at the image. Whether or not it was recognized remains unknown.

As of this time, it is unclear as to how many Americans witnessed the outrage, but there are reports of as many as 200,000 phone calls made to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reporting the obscenity.

CNN has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter, but a top spokesman was reportedly overheard denouncing the incident as “despicable.”



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514 Responses to “NATIONWIDE CNN, YouTube debate “GOATSE’D!!!””

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  2. ROFLMAO!!! A moment in history to be sure!

  3. hahahahah, i love it…. and no, i dont need the video!

  4. Where can i see a movie clip of when it happens?

  5. Are you SURE this was not done on PURPOSE?

  6. fuck!

  7. I’m so happy I’m goinna go throw me a lemon party!

  8. Hopefully at the next event someone will “Meat Spin” the debate!!!!

  9. This is a hoax.

    That was the original video shown. There’s nothing in it.

    Here’s the video of the CNN broadcast with the question, the screenshot shown in this article clearly does not occur:

  10. The next event is the same format for Republican candidates. Tubgirl, anyone?

  11. Amazing how many people will make a phone call to yell about an anus, but no one will call their senator to yell about the abuse of executive power.

  12. “thorough analyzation of the videos”. Surely it’s analysis? Although I suppose it wouldn’t be so good a pun.

  13. Building 7. Inside job. they’rre all corrupt cowards

  14. Shocking and disgusting.
    I am highly outraged.
    If my wife to be MandyLynn gets to see it there will be trouble.
    I will get my fellow copy boys on the case!

  15. I want Bushie to get ‘Brownvilled”!!


  17. fake.

  18. Images are either broken or removed…

  19. I would be highly, highly suspicious if this didn’t get allowed on CNN by CNN - on purpose. Look - the questions that CNN chose were watered down questions from the most outrageous and “slacker-looking” people. They didn’t tackle any of the hard issues, the whole thing was a sham set up so that CNN watchers would conclude that online activists are just “stoned slackers” looking for bit-parts in “Idiocracy.” They deliberately chose the worst submissions in an attempt to portray a straw-man counter-argument to the valid criticism that CNN throws softball questions and doesn’t actually report the news of the day.

    So I think it was deliberate.

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    Iphone, Goatse, Al Gore, Obama, Cats


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  24. […] via digg […]

  25. i got goatsed’d the other day using firefox browser, on wikipedia…it appeared in place of an image in the article. i was thoroughly confused for a few seconds, and when i refreshed it was gone. i never heard of it appearing in a video, though…doesn’t seem as though it’d be possible, so i’m a bit skeptical. saw the debates last night and didn’t notice it, anyway.

  26. […] it bargained for when GOATSE was flashed for 1/24th of a second on LIVE NATIONWIDE TELEVISION. read more | digg […]

  27. nothing shocking here, ppl are always calling CNN’s live shows to shout shit live, and people pass shit online to each other to “get” them… what did they expect?

  28. Brilliant ! Should we “Blame it on the French !”

  29. fakery!

  30. It’s true guys I faked this blog. Because I have a small dick and people pick on me. My parents are retards who exposed me to their retard view of the world and now I fake blogs because of it. I think I will just go masturbate some more because I’m so fucking ugly and stupid that no one would touch me with a 10ft pole.

  31. This is awesome!!! i hope you guys live it at that, PLEASE don’t ruin it with a lame conspiration theory..

  32. Stupid HOAX… just did it for the Diggs.

  33. Fake.

  34. People on Digg use adblock so no money for you.

  35. This site is total crap. Please don’t submit stories like this to digg. Buried

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  37. By the way, adsense does not allow pornographic images. I have reported you so you lose at life

  38. Keep this shit off digg you ignorant fuck.

  39. If you guys want, you can start calling me the Most Hated Man on Digg.

    But this website isn’t about money. In fact, I don’t make money on the google ads. And to prove it, I’ll take down the ads.

    But don’t think I’ll ever stop blogging!

    I’m here to stay, bitches!

  40. Ron n Reg own Beggar and Neverwin 80/20

  41. whatever this tool thinks this is - a “blog”, an “artistic experiment” - it fails.

    if this is the best you can come up with, leave the “artistic experimentation” to people with actual ideas or even a tiny bit of intelligence.

    people that waste time with garbage like this and then use the cop out excuse that it’s somehow “art” are using tired ideas that the real art world got past 30 years ago.

    my guess - it’s a college kid or a recent grad/dropout that has no clue about the history of modern art and hides behind the “artistic experiment” excuse as if he’s come up with something new.

  42. Wait til they get the video of Hillary giving Wesley Snipes a Rusty Trombone……

  43. Pure craziness

  44. blame Canada!

    nice try but you fail.

  46. Yes, that’s right, it’s a hoax! anyone who didn’t realise that on reading it deserves to be duped.

    Seriously Digg people, you only have yourselves to blame for your gullibility.

  47. Your blog is a piece of shit son.

  48. GoatCNN

  49. Detales do everyone a favor and just end your life bro.

  50. […] the matter, but a top spokesman was reportedly overheard denouncing the incident as despicable. Blog Archive NATIONWIDE CNN, YouTube debate “GOATSE’D!!!” —————————————— Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA […]

  51. u suck.

  52. Thank you all for your traffic, even those of you who want me dead.

  53. doesn’t even look real? look at all the logos!

    sounds like horseshit to me

  54. nigger

  55. You like a do the cha cha like a sissy girl?

  56. this is real its real you better belive it its real

  57. I hope the long arm of the law gets the Mr Hands on the culprit. :D

  58. BWAHAHAHAHAHA You CANT unsee that my friend! You’re one of us now!

  59. theshowing of that picture was disgusting i seen no humor or what everthe person thought that posted such porn i can’t believe our country has lowered our coothto show such horrible photoi’d rather find myself looking at a beautiful woman before trash like that it was uncalled forand the person who took thephoto should be ashamed of themselfand think about what he or she done to our younthsome people have norespect for others rights and to teach our younginthis nationwe are buildingperverts and iron guttedpigs if this the trash our yuoth wants to see weatherthey think it is right we as a nation should devolpe asystem and respect othersrights to veiw such trashthanks for the oppertunity to vioce my opinionabout this matter

  60. this is so lulz

  61. I think some people have missed the point of this blog. The point is to challenge reality, to spark discussion–at least that was my interpretation–and in that respect (whether you love it or hate it) this blog is a success.

    The fact that this post got 60+ comments so quickly and spawned multiple discussions on other sites, was passed to me through IM throughout the day yesterday, AND has Digg users examining the submission and rating features of the site means it had fairly good impact.

    Since when are satire and humor not forms of art? Was it when so many were bamboozled and took it for real? The “fine print” of this site says “There will be articles, fake and real…”

    To me, the really provocative parts of this article are not within the article itself, but are the astoundingly clear examples of terrifying human behavior. The fact that many people (even though they watched the entire debate live and never saw the goatse image) believed it to be true. They took their own experience, their own FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of the event and toss it out, substituting an internet claim for their own reality, swallowing the fake with ease. Some even claimed “I thought I saw something!” to cover the possibility that they might have missed it.

    The other is that people don’t take the time to examine a source. I came here, lured by the headline, and immediately clicked to find out more about this site. I want to know the who, what, and why behind the ideas presented to me. Doesn’t anyone else anymore? If you had read that when you first came to the site, would you have gotten so mad? How can you get mad when it says right out in the open what the site is about, what the purpose is?

    You’re mad because you were duped. You’re mad because it made you aware of how easily it can be done. You’re not mad because this site showed up on Digg. You’re mad because you or someone you know was caught being a sheep. You’re mad because you might have to start thinking independently instead of believing everything you read.

  62. […] by grfxho on July 25th, 2007 READ THIS “ARTICLE” FIRST to understand wtf I’m talking about. ***WARNING*** the article contains an adult […]

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  64. Hillarys & Obamas & CNNs Firstgoatse

    Man kann viel ber das polit- und medienutopische Potential des CNN-&-YouTube-Projektes schreiben, Prsidentschaftskandidanten im US-Fernsehen mit YouTube-Frageclips amerikanischer Brger zu konfrontieren. Man kann sich aber auch einfach daran erfreuen…

  65. Fake

  66. If they loose one vote it will be worth seeing that shit.

  67. The BBC has already been Goatse’d for real (well, sort of)

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  69. […] Blog Archive NATIONWIDE CNN, YouTube debate “GOATSE’D!!!” […]

  70. […] quite expected to get all the baggage that comes with user-submitted, online-oriented content. This time, that baggage came in the form of a hidden online secret image, lovingly labeled “GOATSE… // “; document.write(s); // ]]> Project Wonderful - Your ad here, right now, for as low as […]

  71. god bless /b/tards, wait, screw that, god doesn’t care one way or the other. Praise be to Raptor Jesus!

  72. […] than it bargained for when GOATSE was flashed for 1/24th of a second on LIVE NATIONWIDE more | digg […]

  73. Fucking Great!!! Fuck this nation’s politics!! LMFAO!!!

  74. This is incredible lulz (a corruption of lol).

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